New Events Added

Posted 27/9/2018

Due to other commitments, it proved impossible to assemble the group's committee for the Oct/Nov/Dec walk planning meeting until 25th September!  Whilst it will take us a few more days to get the finished diary out, given the short notice, we have added the first month's events to the Events page for your perusal.  The rest of the diary will follow in the coming days.

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Whernside Walk - Important Information

Posted 25/9/2018

To anyone considering travelling to the Yorkshire Dales for our Whernside Walk.


It is very important that this walk starts punctually, therefore we ask everyone to be on time and assembled at the start point at the stipulated time.

Furthermore, to anyone who is still deciding whether to attend, it is important that DVWG are contacted by Friday September 28th to confirm your attendance. 

We ask that people observe these requests in order to maximise daylight and to ensure that no one is left behind by arriving late or due to our walk leaders not knowing someone is attending.

Please be aware that the mobile phone signal in the Yorkshire Dales is erratic.


Thank you for your co-operation.

David Kirk

Chairman - DVWG

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Additional Family Walk

Posted 27/8/2018

It has been brought to our attention that September is lacking a family walk! We apologise for this oversight and have added a Green Moor and Hunshelf route on Sunday 23rd September. Please see the events page for details.

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Posted 17/6/2018

In order to comply with new personal data legislation, here is DVWG's statement on the use of our participant's information:


1. Storage

Names only are stored on the group's spreadsheet for the purposes of recording walks undertaken, mileages walked and for the purpose of indicating when milestone prizes should be awarded.

2. Contact Details Use

Telephone and email contact details are held by committee members of DVWG for the purpose of contacting individuals about participating in DVWG events and confirming arrangements only, Such contact may take the form of an individual call, email or text or a group email or text.

We will not pass your details onto any third party without your permission.

3. Removal From Contact List

If you no longer wish to be contacted about DVWG events, please contact David Kirk, Chairman, DVWG in order to be removed from any email or text groups. In these circumstances the individual should remove themselves from any associated social media groups.


David Kirk

Chairman DVWG


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Posted 30/4/2018

There was an error on the listed start point for yesterday's walk on this site, meaning a couple of walkers went to the wrong place. Although other sources of info (the printed diary, newsletter, Facebook, SMS messages) gave the correct information, I appreciate that many of our participants rely on this site as a central source of information.

Every effort is made to ensure that correct information is distributed but I fell short on this occasion and for this I can only apologise.  To compound matters, as the start point given was about 10 minutes drive from the actual start, the error was not obvious.  It wasn't spotted and brought to my attention until I was stood in the car park at the correct start point, with 15 minutes to the scheduled start, leaving no time for correction.

Thanks to Kasia for bringing it to our attention and also for noting a misdirected link on a future event, which has also now been corrected.

With sincere apologies

Nick Powell


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Posted 8/4/2018

The Spring Newsletter is now available on the Downloads page. Thanks again to Steve for his journalistic endeavour,

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Merry Christmas from DVWG

Posted 23/12/2017


Our final walk of 2017 is now over and what a year it has been with DVWG walking over 6,100 miles in 2017.

All that remains is to thank everyone who walked with DVWG this year and helped to organise our events and to wish everyone a merry Christmas and a wonderful new year. We hope to see you all walking with us in 2018.


David Kirk

Chairman - DVWG

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