Aircraft Wrecks of Bleaklow - 2nd Sept

Posted 2/9/2018

A 20-strong party assembled in Old Glossop for this challenging but ever-popular 10.5-mile route onto Bleaklow.  In mild, overcast conditions, albeit with more than a brisk breeze, we tackled the relentless ascent onto James's Thorn and the first wreck.  After waiting for a gap in traffic in the fell race we encountered coming the other way, we found our first wreckage and memorial stone.  We descended the short distance from here across open moor to the second wreck, before our next tiring ascent up to Higher Shelf Stones and the extensive wreckage of the Boeing B-29 Superfortress "Overexposed".

After a lunch stop at the trig point. we took a trodden but unmapped path to Hern Stones, onwards to Wain Stones (famous for their 'kissing heads' appearance) and on to Bleaklow Head.  From here we followed the Pennine Way across Sykes Moor, taking a 500m detour across tough terrain to successfully locate our fourth wreck of the day.  Returning to the Pennine Way, we crossed the adjacent stream at John Track Well, planning to take the shooting path back towards Glossop. However, we found this path to be closed and we had to follow a diversion indicated on the closure sign.  One of our diversion paths proved tricky to locate but we did eventually find our way back onto the route and began our descent back into Old Glossop.

In an unusual twist for DVWG, the hardest bit ended up being ordering a pint afterwards, as the post-walk trip to the ram-packed Queens Arms descended into farce! After our eventual gentle refreshments, our fatigued party then went their separate ways. 

Thanks as ever to all who attended for your continued support of the group.  Shoutouts go to the first-timers Alan Badcock, Andrew Stubbs, Ellen Vickers, Alison Sharp, Amanda and Mike Hughes.  Massive congratulations to Dean and Jane Duke, who were celebrating their 29th wedding anniversary today. And if I do say so myself, congratulations to me (Nick), your walk leader today, as I racked up 1000 miles walked with the group!

You will note I haven't spoken at any length about the wrecks visited in this write-up.  After listening to me drone on throughout this seven-hour epic, I thought you all deserved some respite!