Bakewell to Haddon Hall Winter Market - November 19th

Posted 19/11/2017

Many thanks to the ten adults and three junior walkers who made up our party of intrepid explorers for today's walk.  The five miles walked in resplendent winter sunshine meant Liz Davis and Steve Pennock clocked up 100 miles for the season so far, whilst Emily Kirk notched her 50.

I described our party as intrepid explorers for a reason - that reason being that you needed to fit this description to navigate your way round this one.  Indeed, the weather and the milestones reached were the only redeeming features of an otherwise dreadful affair.  Our route out of Bakewell was on a riverside path which at times was so boggy it was scarcely discernible from the river itself.  Nevertheless, it was a damn sight better than the paths for our return leg which, for the most part were not distinguishable as any sort of path at all.  The five miles of miserable mud trudging were punctuated by a visit to a lacklustre Winter Artisan Market, where for a swingeing £5 per head entrance fee, you could look round a large but not very varied selection of craft stalls, with little on offer by way of food.  The cafe was serving £3 glasses of mulled wine, accompanied by a mince pie for just £2.95 more (I kid you not) and the one coffee van had a half-hour queue.

There were a couple of things we learned today.  Whilst some walks we do become group favourites and appear in the diary, often slightly modified, every couple of years, some walks will appear once and once only.  The other thing we learned is, compared to £5 to park the cars and £5 per head for the market, just what fabulous value for money DVWG represents, still at just £1 per adult per walk. I don't know how we do it for the money!